Bridal Party Make-up

                             BRIDAL PARTY


The bridal party is also one of the main factors of the day from the mother of the bride right down to the little flower girls .

Hayleigh and her team will be on hand and for makeup  hair and much more throughout your time of prepartion for the big day to make it as 

stress free as possible.

Makeup and hair can be provided for all of the bridal party weither it be a full on makeup look or just a simple lipgloss for the flower girl maybe even earings being put in it is the simple little touches that make your day less stressfull that we love to help with .

We can even provided treatments for the groomsmen before hand from  brow waxing to manicures so their hands are fresh for the day even hair styling on the day is on offer .

Rehearsals are availible for all at charged rate to see what looks you would like on the day you wil be able  to try various looks at these rehearsals before hand ,Hayleigh and her team will have a chat with you and the party and take all the details and requirements of your day down from the style of your dress to the colour theme of your wedding to help you with all the little finishing touches as your artist Hayleigh likes to know as much about yourself and your big day so she can talior your wedding to your unique requirments .